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All scripts are available to read upon emailed request!


ABEL-BODIED(Half-hour Dramedy Pilot) Amber Macauley is a perfect, popular cheerleading captain. Riss Macauley is a disabled loser. Unfortunately for both of them, they’re identical twins. When overzealous student disciplinary board chair Hannah Cullen investigates a homecoming prank at Amber’s expense, she unravels a web of traitorous teammates, unrequited crushes, and a secret undiagnosed chronic illness that has pushed Amber and Riss’s rivalry to the breaking point.

PINS & WHEELS(Half-hour Comedy Pilot) As a 12 year-old Black girl who uses a walker, Ruby Coleman is usually alone in her love of bowling--until she joins The Pinwheels, a wheelchair bowling team led by hypercompetitive geriatric Marjorie Scott. As they embark together on the long journey to bowling greatness, Ruby finally finds her people, but she also finds that too much focus on winning can get in the way of her love of the game.

SECOND OPINION — (Half-hour Comedy Pilot) TV Therapist Dr Harriet Gaines (no period in her title so she doesn't get sued) believes that her show is the savior of American mental health. But when a “patient” attempts suicide and the public blames her dramatic, abrasive, ratings-driven therapy style, she spirals out of control in attempt to keep her delusion of helpfulness alive.  Semifinalist for the David & Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship.

CAPITALIZED — (Half-hour Comedy Pilot) A Chicago-based Super-PAC crumbles as the siblings running it compete with each other to live up to their recently deceased father's legacy, despite not having the skills or morals required.


ARMA-GET-IT-ON  (Teen Comedy Feature) When her best friend orders the Grand Slam Breakfast Special at Mama Georgie’s diner, signifying that she’s had sex for the first time, Virginia Hunter feels like her world has ended: all of her rapidly maturing friends have officially left her behind. But just as she’s resigned herself to the demise of their friend group, the world actually does end–their town is in the path of a comet storm and they only have 24 hours to live. Determined not to die the only loser virgin, she’ll fight through natural disasters, gross tinder guys, and an unreliable powerchair to make sure she goes out with a bang.

WHAT'S INSIDE OF ME (Coming-of-age Feature) Trish Johnson has never let herself dream of a future outside of Faith, South Dakota. It's always been her and her dad, the sole non-white inhabitants of the town, and she can't imagine that changing. But a surprise pregnancy and the journey to an abortion in Sioux Falls makes her realize she wants more than just late nights taking care of her alcoholic father. Winner of Marguerite Roberts screenwriting award.


BECOMING AMERICA: NIMZO  (staff writer) — An emotionally stunted queer tries to juggle the anniversary of their sister's death, a t shortage, and their web therapist's suggestion that they "open up" without making too many dark jokes. Writer of episode 1.

FUNNY BUSINESS  (staff writer/producer -> showrunner) — Threatened with cancellation, 6 eclectic producers struggle to keep their college comedy show on air. Independent miniseries. 10-12 minute episodes. Eight episode season. Writer of "I Was Makin' Pizza..." and "Nobody Puts Jeffrey in the Corner."

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