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Roma Murphy was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but she smiled too much to survive there for long. She decided to move to Los Angeles, where people told her that her sunny personality would match the weather, but her first few years were cloudy and grey so she's pretty sure they lied (though at least she got a BFA in Screenwriting from USC out of it!).  Since graduating into a pandemic, Roma's been writing shortform comedic digital content, writing pilots about truly awful women (and trying not to wonder what that says about her), and baking every oat recipe she can find. She'll happily talk to you about any of that, but she's most excited about the oats.

Roma was a member of the Disruptors Fellowship inaugural class and is now a participant in the Hillman Grad Mentorship Lab. These two fellowships have encouraged her belief that she can use TV writing to make the world a better place (and fueled her denial of the fact that, as a comedy writer, she will probably make it worse).

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